Is it a Trick or a Treat: How to Make a Faux Food Caramelized Apple

In order to decorate homes, it is better to use fake food props in the winter season. Through plastic food, it is possible to bring some warmth to the dining table. Through artificial pumpkins, gourds, acorns and leaves, decoration can be added in the room quite naturally. Through caramel apples, a classic recipe of absolute delight can be presented. However, it is a fake version instead of real one. Due to the use of faux food, spills will not be realized, therefore the overall look of the house can be maintained perfectly without any hassle.

Through this recipe of caramel apples, calories are zero. However, it certainly brings a natural flavor in the décor of your house. Most of the visitors will be mesmerized by looking at these caramel apples. They can also bring the apple close to their mouth only to discover that it is a fake one. Therefore, it can be certainly added to Halloween décor.

Caramel Apples

How to make home décor with caramel apples?

From a fake food store, a plastic display of an apple can be brought. The fake food props are coated with the glossy colors. Therefore, it can attract the eyes of the visitors almost instantly. A stick can be inserted in to the fake food display. If you come across problem to insert a stick in the fake apple then small hole can be made with the assistance from knife. Depending on the area of coverage with caramel, Mod Podge can be used in addition to glue. The mix must be stirred until it creates the proper color. However, it is important to remember that the color can darken after becoming dry. Due to this reason, proper measures must be taken.

By placing the fake display food on the wax paper, glue mixture can be brushed. Little amount of paint and glue mixture can be dropped over as well in order to create an effect. Additional items such as fake nuts can be glued on the caramel. It is better to dry the caramel over the apple. In case you can observe lot of caramel on the wax paper then it must replaced with a fresh one.

After keeping the fake caramelized apple in the same manner for about 24 hours, a glossy coat must be sprayed. Ribbons can be tied on the top of the apple after completion.

If a visitor comes in your home then you can trick with this caramelized apple. In case the caramel apple is used as a decoration in a party then a name can be attached with the apple in order to fool them completely.

Fake food display certainly adds another charm in the house. It can be bought quite easily from the market. Due to affordable price of this faux food, it has become a convenient item for decoration. A life size display can be created with a basket full of fake foods such as vegetables or fruits. Therefore, you must try this decoration strategy in home right now.